Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still just hanging in!

I haven't done at lot in the last week, just going to the stores etc.
I am reading the travel blogs, and keeping up with my "groups". It seems to me that EVERYONE that has an RV is having trouble with it. Makes me wonder if I should even go back to the full time life.
This apartment complex did go up on my rent. Not a lot, but still, I want to be happy. When I moved here, the very first day, I wanted to move right back out. But I had signed the lease, and told myself I WOULD learn to be happy here. Well, I am not. The apartment is OK, but after all it is an apartment along with all the people in the hall, and having to go by their rules. It's like living in a hotel, seems like there is always some one in the hall talking, or their dogs barking, and that sets off my dog, barking! Then they keep changing the trash days, finally took out the big trash cans in the stair well, so if you miss the trash day, you have no where to put your trash until the next time there is trash pick up. I guess it is the Parking, that irks me the most. You are supposed to have a sticker, there are cars parked in the front row for weeks, with no sticker. I was told the residents only were to park there, and it you had two cars, you must park at the back of the lot where it says VISITOR parking. When you have back pain, it is hard to park so far away and cart your groceries in. It wouldn't matter if I had a bicycle, there still wouldn't be a parking space close to the entrance. I am just used to parking right in front of my rig, or behind it. I just miss my freedom!I didn't clear enough from the sale of the house to buy a house. Anything I could buy would need a lot of work. That is not for me, at my age. 
So, I am still looking and trying to decide on an RV, fifth wheel, or motorhome? I need something I can pay cash for, and that is the problem! Surely there is something out there for me.


  1. I'd sure go for the motorhome over a 5th wheel. The 5vers are great to live in, but sometimes an older person with a touch of arthritis or back pain might have difficulty hitching it up. A motorhome and a very small, economical car would be perfect.

  2. Maybe a park-model in some nice park but if you want to be mobile I agree with Gypsy, no 5th wheel but a nice Class A motorhome. A C-Class would be OK too but if harder to reach up even if you only store stuff above the cab. Good luck on your serch.