Thursday, March 8, 2012

My pretty baby

Yesterday was "beauty shop" day for Kandi. She is so pretty, all bathed and her nails done. She looks better than I do! Wish I could go to the beauty shop, I sure need it.
While she was getting beautiful I  went shopping! We have a Burkes discount store here, I think you will find them in California, any way that is where I first went to one. They have clothing, and housewares. I always find something in their housewares department. Then on to Big Lots. I dilly dallied around there just passing time to pick up the baby, and of course made a few purchases. They have good buys on can goods, and pasta, etc. It was looking more and more like rain, was dark and gloomy with a few drops on the windshield. I don't like to drive in that kind of weather, plus my windshield is so dirty, both inside and out, it makes it harder for me to see. There is no good place here to wash my truck. When I lived in Whitney, I could do it in my drive way, but not here. I will have to take it to a place that hand washes, about $30-35 dollars. It won't fit thru the drive through car wash and I don't have the energy to do it by hand anymore.
Today the weather looks cloudy and a few sprinkles,so far. The weather forecast is for storms with small hail. Glad I don't have to get out today!

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  1. It does feel good when the dogs are groomed! I used to have a grooming shop, it was always rewarding afterwards with the smiles on the dogs faces. And yes, they always looked better than me by the time I was done! I got my current pans in the RV from Burkes!