Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This day twelve years ago

This day twelve years ago a tornado hit downtown Ft.Worth,TX. My mother passed away on the 13th and my daughter and grandson came from N.C. to the funeral. I had already made my reservations for the Escapade in Lancaster, CA and asked them if they would like to go with me. They said yes! We had a wonderful time. We were in Deming,NM at the Escapee's Park, Dreamcatcher having a Taco dinner at the club house, when we saw the news. We had just left the Ft.Worth area! Ft.Worth is my home town, even though I lived in Crowley,TX for many years. It was a shock to us to see our "town" so torn up from the tornado, never dreamed one would hit Ft.Worth. The weather seems really crazy these days. 
I am reading the blogs, and enjoying all the traveling information. The thing I am NOT liking is the price of gas/diesel! It makes me just get slower and slower about finding an RV. I saw diesel on the way to Whitney,TX last Saturday at $4.15 gal. Here in Cleburne it is $4.05 gal. Even if I had an RV I sure couldn't go far at those prices. Pulling my big fifth wheel I get about 9 mpg, and out on the open road with no wind and good road conditions, about 10 mpg. I do believe gas prices will come down, it may be after the election, so I am expecting the prices to be the same or more in the coming months. I am still looking for a "perfect" rig. What that is, I don't know! Sometimes you just have to "hunker down" and wait it out.

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  1. Oh I remember the tornadoes! We had a dog show in Ft Worth right before those tornadoes hit. I think they hit the day after the show was finished?
    The trip sounds wonderful, but I'll bet it was a bit bittersweet with memories of your mother.