Monday, May 7, 2012

Tom Tom Who ?????

Sunday was the big day! My daughter ,Cherry and I headed to Grapevine,Texas to pick up my new to me home. Grapevine is not but about 54 miles from Cleburne,Texas, but--- the roads in and around Grapevine are under construction, and several closed altogether. So I took a short cut though the country, and Cherry using her Tom Tom was the navigator. Every thing went well, got to the place the Montana was parked, met the owner, and his wife (one owner by the way) got hitched up with no problem. It IS just like riding a bicycle, comes right back to you! So, just as we are about to pull out, the owner Lyn says to me, you can go this way and turn around at the turn around and come back this direction, missing a lot of construction. Huh? Well I decided to try it. So off we go, Tom Tom yelling, turn left, turn right! Did not see any turn around, ended back up in construction, but heading the right way, so I thought. NO, Tom Tom yelling, turn left. How can I turn left, no road? So keep going, Tom Tom says turn right at next road, OK, did that. I tell Cherry, I know this is not right. I can Feel we are headed the wrong way. No, Tom Tom say go, such and such miles, turn left. So I keep going. Finally I SEE DFW airport. Now I KNOW I am going the wrong way, yet Tom Tom insists on keeping straight. I SEE the Dallas skyline. Now, I am a bred and born Ft.Worth girl, and I KNOW where Dallas is, and it is NOT where I want to be. I tell Cherry to throw that Tom Tom out the window, or at least turn it off. But she doesn't and it is having a fit as I turn left, and head back whence I came. I told Cherry I think she was holding it upside down as it was giving me direct opposite directions.  Having been an RV'r for a lot of years, you just get a sense of direction. I knew I wanted to go west, not east. After a sight seeing tour of Dallas, and DFW for about the third time, we got back on the road I was meant to be on in the first place. I had a GPS at one time, couldn't hear it over the diesel, and couldn't see it for the glare, so I sold it for what I paid for it, and said good bye to GPS systems. But, lately I have been seeing them on HSN at a good price, with free for life time updates, and and thought about getting one. Well, that trip made my decision. Give me good ole paper maps anytime. We made it to Cherry's house, and she has a nice extra lot where I pulled in, unhooked, just like I knew what I was doing! What a stressful day, but it is home. I still didn't get any pictures of the inside. It is about an hour back to my apartment so I had to "hook em". I am happy to "own" my own little home, no more paying rent. In two and half years, what I pay for rent will pay for my rig. I am very happy about that!


  1. I'm happy for you that you will be living as you want to live. What will you do with furniture, etc., that you got for your apartment? When do you move into the Montana, and have you found a site to park it on? How exciting for you!

  2. A fun time for you! Looking forward to pictures of the inside. Too bad about the TomTom runaround. I like paper maps best too.