Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day

 Mothers Day Roses from my Daughter, I think the color is called Sterling. Beautiful, and they smell good too!
We had a nice day, Cherry also brought me a slew of gifts, rugs for the rig, and a CAKE. We made a drive to Ft.Worth to the cemetery and put flowers on my youngest daughter's grave, and my mother and grandmothers. Seems I have more family there, than on this earth anymore. It was a nice day and I took Kandi with us. She doesn't behave very well, I think she needs more socializing. We were a tad hungry on the way back, and because of Kandi couldn't go into a restaurant, so we stopped at a Sonic drive in. Kandi loves to share my "fries" with me! It was a little crowded because I had the back seat full of "stuff" to take to the rig. 
Yesterday, the 15th was the Vet. day.
Kandi needed her shots, and test for heart worms, plus she has been having trouble with her ears. Poodles have hair in their ear canals and it should be the groomers job to pull it out. Their ears get a yeast infection in their ears if it isn't groomed properly. Evidently my groomer didn't do a very good job.  I have really never liked the way she groomed Kandi, but she would come and help me get her out of the truck, and bring her back to the truck for me. The trip to the vet. really got me down. As I said, she is not very well behaved, goes nuts when she sees other dogs, and has never seen a cat! Of course everyone talking to her and saying oh how sweet, gets her going too. The vet. is a large place and they take horses, and cattle. It was quite busy but I was waited on very quickly. I really liked the Vet. she was very nice to me, getting me a soft chair to sit in while I waited. So,her shots,blood work,cleaning her ears out, meds. for the ears, and heart worm meds. for six months, lightened my billfold by $151.00! I was in shock, but she is good for a year, unless something else happens. Heart worm prevention is a Must here in Texas, just about year round. And I use Frontline to prevent fleas, and ticks. This is my third Poodle, and I used to be able to do the grooming, but it is getting too hard for me to stand that long. Well, after all she IS my baby!
Tomorrow, my doctor.

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