Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving stuff from storage bldg. to rv

Yesterday I made a trip to my storage bldg. in Whitney,TX. The road construction on hwy 933 seems to be completed, at last! Will be an easy drive to the Thousand Trails park in Whitney. 
By the time I arrived, it was lunch time, so I went to the new McDonald's and had a small hamburger,fries, and drink. I sat in the back ,close to the restrooms. I noticed several people plugged in and on their laptops. Guess they have WiFi , isn't that great. I think McDonald's was pretty smart providing WiFi, which will draw more customers. It is such a small town it was surprising. 
I worked several hours in my storage bldg.,sorting stuff to take to the rig, and sweeping up. The couple two doors down had all their "stuff" out in front, thus blocking me from driving up close to my bldg. Turns out they were RV'r too, and also going back into a motorhome! She went to the store and brought me a cold bottle of water. Very nice. I had water, and tea in the truck, but by then it sure wasn't cold.
After I got loaded, I went to the little Beauty Shop in town, for a senior hair cut @$10.00. Always get a good cut there. Then on to Family Dollar store. picked up some dog food, and treats. Finally made it to my Daughter's house in Hillsboro, where she unloaded the truck for me! I was just too tired by then. Cherry also fed me some home made Lasagna. I didn't get back to Cleburne until 8:30 and is was getting dark. Still didn't get any pictures. We looked and looked for the switch to turn on the water pump. Never could find it and I was too tired to think. When all else fails-----read the manual!


  1. Are you out of your apartment then? What have you done with everything there? Sounds like an exciting time for you, even though it is tiring to move anywhere.

    1. No, not out of apt. yet. I have to the first of June. I can only do a little at a time. Just trying to get things in the Rv where I can spend the night, and work in there.

  2. In my travels up and down I-35,I've noticed several restaurant chains are providing free Wifi. Cutest sign I saw was at a Culver's restaurant in Iowa -- sign on the door said, "Come in for a bite and a byte." Nice service.