Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pictures of my new rig

  Looking toward the rear of my kitchen
Shows the flat screen TV (surround sound) fireplace just under, ice maker next to that( U Line) with pantry above, next to refrigerator , some of new rugs over the hardwood part of the floor. 

Didn't get a lot done yesterday, got the water connected. It is a weird setup. The ice maker  water line is on the opposite side from the water hook up, requiring two hoses, and a splitter, going through one filter, that is connected to the water pressure gauge. I am going to change it and put a separate water filter on each side. Then it still has a water filter in the kitchen. More than I could handle in one day. Thanks to my daughter for hooking it up, which required getting in the bushes to do so. 
Hope to get more done soon, and more pictures!


  1. I love it! Hope you are planning a couple of trips in it.

  2. It sure looks great. I hope you will be very happy in it.