Thursday, April 22, 2010


I had such a trying day yesterday. First of all I didn't sleep well the night before, Kandi kept me up until about 5:30 am. Finally went to sleep and quarter to 10 my neighbor is mowing! He has a little "plot" of ground between us, really no grass, just rocks and weeds! I was really pissed he was mowing and all that stuff was hitting the side of my RV. I did take all my meds. run my blood sugar etc. When I raised the shade on my back window, I just about had a heart attack! My big picture window glass was shattered! I was so mad, just couldn't handle talking to him. I took a nerve pill, and put a nitro under my tongue, and called the Ranger. I told him I need help, and about the window. He said he would be right down. The Rangers and other workers here are just great. I threw on some clothes, and sure enough he was right here. He went to get some tape, to put across it so it wouldn't fall out. Meanwhile I went out to dump my black tank, something I had put off, but really had to take care of. Well there was my neighbor sitting and talking just like nothing had happened. So I asked her, are you not even going to say anything about breaking my back glass? She said she didn't know anything about it! Her husband did the mowing, so I guess she really didn't. Well Warren the Ranger came back, he and another fella tapped up the window. As we walked down the drive, that fella says to me, what about your truck? Sure enough, he had broken out my back glass of my F350.

They never did come over to look at the damage, so I marched over to their rig. I told them, their insurance would need to take care of it, after all it wasn't my fault. She got kind of "huffy" , but I didn't back down. She did come over with her insurance information, and her insurance co. did call me. Of course I am the one that has to call around (on my Ceil phone time) and get estimates, etc. So that is what I did. As of yet, no one has called me back. The window in the truck is pretty sturdy, but the window in the rig is real "squishy" very unstable. We are expecting rough weather here Friday, maybe even tornadoes. If it blows out, I may have to go to motel.

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