Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, they say April showers bring May flowers, we will have an abundance of flowers this year! Been raining for two days. It is chilly too. Keep putting my little electric heater away, and then getting it back out again. Bluebonnets are in full bloom here at the Park. Tried to take more pictures, but the sky was just too cloudy and dark. Tomorrow will be better and I will try again, they are well worth the effort.
My big day was going to the Dollar store for dog food and cleaning supplies. Then the grocery store. Seems it is impossible to buy any fresh veggies and fruit, simply too much $$.
Took Kandi to the Vet Friday. She was scratching her ears, shaking her head. I thought she might have ear mites, but she didn't, just "poodle" ears. He gave her a shot in the butt, which she didn't like. So while I was busy paying him, she left him a little surprise on his nice clean floor!! Ha! Ha! Serves him right!

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  1. I've just started reading your blog and plan to go back a little further each day. Your RV seems very beautiful, from the pictures you posted.