Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nerve wracking Monday

I had talked to Juan at his body shop about fixing my mud flaps. He was very busy that day and told me to come back on Monday. Monday morning while I am in the bathroom, there is a knock on my door. Great, I wonder who that could be. A lady from the office tells me the water will be turned off because of a water main break. I ask how long will it be off? She said she had no idea. So I filled my pictures, and coffee pot so not to run out of drinking water, I always keep some water in the fresh water holding tank for flushing, and washing dishes etc. but I wouldn't drink it. This made me even later to get to Juan's body shop in downtown Whitney. Do you ever have this strange feeling, I shouldn't be doing this? Well I did. But, I need to get my mud flaps fixed, and my tail gate fixed. Can't move unless I can get my tail gate down. So I agreed to take Juan to my RV and he drove my truck back to the shop. He assured me it would be ready by six. I explained to him I wanted my truck back by then, I did not want to be stuck here in this park with no transportation. All day I could just imagine my truck sitting on the side of the road, wrecked. Oh well, I thought, if that happens, I will own a Paint and Body shop! I really don't want a body shop, I want my truck. At 6:30, I called Juan, he tells me he is running late and it will be another hour. OK, I thought, don't panic. At 8:00 pm I called again, this time I am in a panic. I told him, it is getting dark, I want my truck! He promises me it will only be one more hour, that a friend came to help him. This makes me even more nervous. A friend? Are they working or partying ? By 9:00 pm I am MAD. I call Juan again and tell him in a loud voice, bring my truck back. He said he only liked a little more, and I wouldn't have to take him back to his shop, his friend would follow him and drive him back.By 9:30 I think I had steam coming from my ears! About the time I am ready to phone the police he calls me, and drives up at the same time. Now, it is pitch dark, I can't see a damn thing, even with his flash light. I try to look at the mud flaps, they are on there, but they look like one is higher than the other, he says they are the same. My tail gate does work. So now I can move the 5th wheel, and get LP if I need to. He asks me for $100.00 dollars, I give it to him, and thank God it didn't cost me more! I had a hard time getting to sleep. I am still mad, and frustrated over this. I try not to get so upset, but the more I try the more upset I get. I have been told, you worry too much. Well, I guess I do, it's just my nature. I haven't even gotten dressed today, didn't go out and look at the truck! I will handle it tomorrow. One day at a time is all I can do. Next is getting tires! I hope that goes easier.


  1. I'm sitting at a mechanics garage. Maybe for the next two nights. I'd rather be back at the state park, but need to remain grateful that they are letting me stay here in my motorhome on their lot with power. They took out my transmission & took it to a transmission shop. Problem was, it took him 3 hours to leave to take it to them. Everytime he stepped into his truck, someone would pull up with their vehicle for him to take a look at. I thought he'd never get it there!

    Glad you got your truck back. Let us know how the job looks.

  2. Glad you finally got your truck -- mine was in the repair shop for a week -- just glad I had my sister here to drive me around if I needed anything! I'm like you - I carry drinking water -- don't drink out of the holding tanks even tho I do clean them annually.