Monday, April 16, 2012

Wal Mart

I sure don't like this New Blogger! Why did they improve it by making it harder?
Went to Wal Mart today, got a late start in the first place. Had to park a zillion miles from the entrance, then couldn't get a electric cart, so I had to walk the store. I had to go, miss Kandi needed her dog food, dry and canned. I also bought her a Denta Stick. I thought she would chew on it for hours. NO, she inhaled it in a few minutes! So, what good is that. Supposed to clean their teeth. I don't think it even touched her teeth. She gets a "treat" every night at nine anyway. Guess we both are spoiled. She sleeps with me, she lets me have the very edge of the bed, the rest is hers. I try to talk to her about her snoring, but she says its me. She really does snore, maybe we both are getting too fat! When I got back to the apartment complex I had to park a hundred miles from the entrance, and really work to get that big truck in a space. I try to park where there is no car parked on the passenger side, so I can get my big doors open without hitting their car. I have those suicide doors, have to get between them to unload my grocery's into my little cart. Couldn't fit them all in there this time, so had to stand there and "sort" out what to leave in the truck and what to wheel in. I just wasn't able to make two trips today. One good thing I noticed, diesel has gone down to $3.89 gal. I haven't bought diesel since Feb. yes, Feb. The gauge is just below the half mark, so I will be looking for a fill up soon. A full day, and I am tired!    

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  1. some dogs eat through those things like a piece of bread! I swear, they don't do them much good then do they?
    Weird, my blogger hasn't changed yet. But it does have a notice about the new changes coming soon. Guess you got hit before me?