Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring time in Texas!

Well, it is spring time in Texas! Here come all the pretty Bluebonnets, Mexican Hats,Buttercups, Indian Paintbrush AND TORNADOES!
It was a sad day to see so many homes destroyed. We had bad weather here in Cleburne,TX, but thankfully no Tornadoes hit here. Just a few miles down the road, where my house was that I just sold. A 85 year old lady,living in a mobile home, thought she would go to church this morning and visit with her friend, play games, and have lunch. When she got back her trailer had blown over into another house, all was left was her clothes hanging in her closet, just as neat as could be. She said the Lord was surely guiding her today. There was a total of twelve, so far as I know, that came through. After living almost all of my life here, I am still not used to that! Arizona looks better and better!


  1. I am glad that you were lucky. Maybe a move would be in order but wherever you are there are hazards. Arizona sounds good to me ☺