Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another day watching tornadoes

More tornadoes! I don't think the people that were hit last time have recovered yet! I know they are still trying to salvage their belongings, and here it comes again.
 Saturday is chore day! You know the drill. Shave, shower and whatever! Managed to do all that, and wash a load of clothes. 
Started "color coding" my closet. Pulling out the winter stuff, and putting my summer shirts on hangers. I bought some of those "space bags "at Big Lots right after I moved in here. Put all my summer stuff in, then hooked up the vacuum and sucked out all the air. They work great! I just got so much stuff packed in there I could barely lift it. Now I found I have two more bags in the back of my closet, so I can pack more!! What I need is a suit bag like that to put my winter coat in, pretty sure I won't use it for a long time. What I really need is to get rid of about half of that stuff.
I read if you don't use it for a year, then get rid of it. Not talking about Christmas stuff. Another good one to do, is if you buy a new one, throw out one old one. I can't seem to throw away any thing. I have kitchen gadgets I just had to have, maybe use once, and now don't remember why I needed them. I will keep trying to purge, in case I do find the perfect rig!


  1. GAds, no more tornadoes!!! I need to purge more too...I hate doing that.

  2. I feel for you. I am a hoarder too. I try to purge my closet. Start out with a pile for discards and another for keepers. The keeper pile gets bigger and bigger and in the end there is hardly anything in the hoarder pile. At that point I think oh heck what's the point and hang it all up again until the next time the urge hits me ☺ and so it goes. Good luck I hope you do better than I!!!