Sunday, April 15, 2012

Slow Sunday

A really slow Sunday. I am getting really good at doing nothing! I would say, I am an expert.
Stuffed my bag of winter clothes until I thought it would burst, all the way to the "fill to here" line. Well, I still have more to go. Thinking I may start a Goodwill Bag too. Nobody needs this much junk. It is really too old and worn, but I just keep on keeping it. You know, you like a pair of jeans and you seem to pull that same pair out of the closet every time. Really hard for me to dump clothes. Maybe it is because of being poor when I was a kid. I remember my daddy putting cardboard in my shoes, over the hole in the sole, so I could walk to school! Funny how you remember things like that. Even when I had my own kids, I never threw away a pair of jeans that was too short, just cut them off and made shorts out of them. When the girls dresses were too worn, I always cut the buttons off before sending them to the "rag" pile. My husbands undershirts made the very best "rags" to be had. Great for removing makeup, blowing your nose on or dusting, or whatever. Yep, I save empty jars, tie wraps off the bread, reuse plastic bags, jelly jars (love the ones with handles). I lived in the "good ole days", when everybody was hungry! But, remember "A Country Boy (or girl) can survive!

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