Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trying to move

What a trying day! Sat. my family and their "boyfriend's" showed up about 10:00 am at the U-haul place, this is also my storage bldg. I rented a 26 ft truck, ( could have done fine with a 17 ft) and then the fun begin! I just sat in a chair and gave "orders" and still was worn out! I can't believe anyone can collect so much junk! My advise is to "lighten" the load now, before you have to move. So many keepsake stuff, hard to get rid of, but I sure can't fit into my apartment. My grandmothers old sewing machine, but then what can I do with it? They got my furniture and boxes I wanted loaded in about two hours, then we headed to Cleburne to the apartments. I had "scoped" it out before hand as to the best place to park the moving van and that worked out good. With a break for lunch they got me unloaded by 4:00. We did come by the trailer first to get things out to go to the apartment. My combo washer/dryer was the hardest to take out! Couldn't believe it, the guys had to take the doors off, the sliding interior door, and the hardware on the cabinets to get it through the hall and out the front door. They didn't have as much trouble with my recliner, or TV. So, here I am, TV in the bedroom, half of my junk in the apartment and half in the RV! The apartment just has a "trail" through it, and after cleaning and still packing the RV I am really tired. Tomorrow I must make a trip to the apartment. Friday I got a call from Buena Vista there was stuff in my doorway, boxes and big packages, that I needed to see about. So I had to make a run to Cleburne, first called my family who met me there, and yes, it was part of my beds I had ordered! They were to be delivered tomorrow, so I must go again. Maybe, just maybe I will get all the pieces tomorrow. I am glad Eric and Amy met me, I could have never gotten the big box in. I can't express how tired I am tonight. I can't type, and can't think! So, I am going to lie down and watch a little TV!


  1. Moving is a huge strain, and part of it is emotional, so take it easy tonight. You will eventually get moved in and at home.

  2. It may seem overwhelming, but unpack a little at a time and you will be done before you know it.

    About "stuff", I am not planning on putting anything in storage, my daughter is coming to my house to take what she wants and everything else will be sold or donated. I will only keep a few small items and one photo album.

  3. Once you get it all to the appartment you can then take your time putting it away. Take it slow, no need to be in a big hurry with it.