Friday, March 5, 2010


Today is my birthday! I am not going to say which one! I feel my age, 39 and holding, Ha Ha. I received several Birthday Cards from my daughter and friends. Spent most of the day just talking on the phone. My dog Kandi and I went out and she rode with me to the post office. She still does not like the big truck. She wants to go, but then when she does go she gets so nervous and whines. I really think she wants to drive! Every time I get out, come back to the truck, she is in the drivers seat. I keep telling her her legs are too short! Very windy today, March is here. I did not get the bed of my truck cleaned out, lots of tree branches, leaves etc. I want to get the hitch painted, and lubed before hooking up again. I hope to do some traveling soon. Weather man is already talking about storms, it is Tornado season again! Well, another day older, I am just glad to be here. I did play with my phone, trying to learn how to take pictures with it, found I could make a video!

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