Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am still trying to learn all about my new cell phone. It is a Droid, HTC Erris. There is one by Motorola, and I may have been better off to have purchased it for $49.95 that Verizon offered me. Mine was FREE!! A new every two years thing. I do like a lot of the features, I can go on line to check my e-mail. I can browse the net. I can even do my "Facebook" or Twitter! Of course you do have to know how to get there! I so enjoyed the home page, display my city's weather, time and date. Big clock, so I can see what time it is! They have a lot of "apps" from their market. Some are free, lot of games, radio, etc. Google maps is a great one. There is a compass, calculator, voice recorder, camera, voice dialer, speaker phone. My big gripe is no directions! It comes with a small start up book, that is it. Nothing to tell you how to use the camera, or anything else. I did look online for a instruction book, every one says there is nothing for Droid! So it is just a matter of sitting and playing with it until you figure it out! Two days ago we had 3 inches of snow here in Whitney, my phone said I was in the Northeast and it was sunny and 60! Go figure. I guess I did some time travel while I slept. Today however I am in Austin. Of course I only went to down town Whitney to get my mail! I did call Verizon, and they transferred me to a HTC expert! After talking to him, I felt like that big vein in my head was going to explode! I just hung up!

I did buy at Walmart, a blue tooth ear bug. That was fun also. As you know you have to "pair" it with your phone. Well don't do it if your blue tooth computer mouse is on! That was a mess. I finally had to delete the mouse and re-install it to get it back on line. I read on the direction on the computer, be sure "other" blue tooth devices at at least 33 feet from the computer. Well my entire rig is 37 feet, so much for my day!

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