Thursday, June 7, 2012

Having trouble with blogger

I have not been able to get on Blogger until now. Have tried and tried to re-install Chrome. I hope this works.
I have moved my RV to Sun Country Resort in Whitney,Tex. It's not one of my favorite parks, but easy to get in and out, and can pull right up to the door of the RV to unload. It has been so hot and humid I am not able to do much in the heat. Moving the RV from my daughters was quite a job. My daughter had done some RVing with me,so she knew some things to do, but her boyfriend didn't, so it was a learning experience for him. My packing is going very slow, and I have had to re schedule the movers. I will have to pay Xtra days for staying in the apartment, but I can only do so much!It did storm yesterday on my way back to the Apartment from Whitney. Really bad, water over the road, lightening strikes all around. Was glad to get out of that, and than God, I wasn't pulling a rig! Tomorrows another day, MAYBE.

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  1. I hope your moving days are over soon and you are established in your new home. Stay safe!!