Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have been thinking about my "New Years Resolution, it seems every year I make ones I can't keep. But, here I go again. I will try harder to lose some weight. Maybe if I don't put a number on it, I can do it. I am a Christian, and have tried several times to read the Bible thru. I think with some study help I can make it. I listen to Dr. Charles Stanley and I think he has some very good points. I can actually understand his lessons! I think being Happy is something you learn, so I am trying harder to accept the fact I am alone, and just be "happy". I have been blessed to travel, both when my husband was alive, and alone. He and I had some wonderful trips, Canada, Alaska, Bahamas, Mexico. So many good memories.
I think everyone should always set goals that are just a little out of their reach. Stretch your abilities, you will get a little further down the road, than just trying to do what you KNOW you can do!
I am really trying my patience, I have a new DROID phone. This phone is a challenge for me. It isn't called a "smart phone" for nothing! I WILL figure it out, and I think I will enjoy it, can get online to to my e-mail and check my "orders". Well I will get off my soapbox for today.

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  1. I couldn't even figure out what a DROID was from the commercial! How does it feel to be on the cutting edge of technology?