Friday, October 9, 2009


After much back and forth, I finally got my Passport Card! I had to get a certified copy of my birth certificate from the state of Texas. which came back without my name! Many calls later to both the State and Passport Office, I went to the Court House in Johnson County,TX to try to get a certified copy. Well guess what, they had one, however it wasn't filed until 1944! This was the only place I could have ever got one. I called the Passport Office to report that I had gotten my certified copy, only to be told it must be filed within one year of birth! I was so mad, couldn't even be civil to the guy! I told him it was not my fault the Doctor didn't file it. I was told to send it in anyway, which I did. I was told they may not OK, it. Well, lo and behold I did receive my Passport Card!!! So I am now able to go over to the Pink Store to eat with the LoW bunch in Deming,NM! Never give up!!

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