Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thought I would do a little work Saturday. Dumped my black tank, back flushed it. Decided to pump out my fresh water tank and then put my new water filter on. So turned the water off and came inside,turned the pump on. Very slow, while standing at the kitchen sink, keeping an eye on my water gauge, I spied my awning tie downs lying on the ground. Well I thought this will take a while, so thought I would run out and wind them up neatly and put away in their box. I just picked the straps up, tossed them on my table ,grabbed one to straighten it out, when something bit the crap out of my left thumb and index finger. I thought it was a wasp, because I didn't see anything , so I assumed it flew away. You know what they say, "never assume anything". So I continued to pick up the strap, with my right hand this time, cause my left is killing me with two stings! And yes, I was bitten again on my right hand! How stupid am I??? This time I saw the little critter, a scorpin! All I can say, he won't bite anything any more!! Now both hands are hurting, and I must turn my water back on,regardless of pain! Finally did get my new water filter on, and the water back on. I tried everything to stop the pain. I did not find anything that would help. Made my left hand ache, and made me a little sick. So much for working that day. Packed my hand in ice, and watched TV for the rest of the day!

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  1. How awful! How did you know it wouldn't do any serious damage? I would have been petrified.