Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Passport Issues

I have been trying to get a passport card, it seems I have never been born! I started in May. It cost about $60.00, including two pictures. I applied in Hillsboro,TX at the post office. Expected to get it in about three or four weeks. Just goes to show you, I should have know how slow the government is. I was sent a letter, saying my birth certificate was not acceptable. I would need a CERTIFIED copy from the state. I sent for the copy, another $22.00. I received it yesterday in my mail from Escapees Mail Service. Guess what, no name on my birth certificate. After a thirty minute call to see why I have no name, was told I would have to file a amendment to change my birth certificate to show my name. This is another $15.00! To do this I have to have an older relative, sign and have notarized. Problem is I HAVE NO OLDER relative! After that it would take about a month to process that! I called passport people to ask for a refund. No refunds! Was told to get census record of year of my birth. The girl gave me a web address for U.S. Census, guess what, that don't work either!

Well, all I wanted to do was go to the Pink Store to eat with the LoW's group in Deming, NM. I am not so sure Mexican Food is worth all this trouble! But, if I can't get refund, will keep trying!

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