Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still 100!

Still 100, but we are in for a "cold front". In other words, it will be 99 instead of 100!
Just too hot to do anything. I think the A/C runs 24/7. I dread seeing my electric bill. The door side of my RV faces the west, and I get the west sun,starting about noon, until sundown. I haven't put my awing down yet. My grandson is coming to wash my rig, and I thought I would get him to help me anchor it down good. If we have a storm and it rips it off, then maybe the Ins. will spring for a new one. 
Gypsy is making plans for her trip, with all the maps etc. I only need one map to get the h*** out of Texas!I don't know if I would be any happier, but I would go where the weather in better. You know I am talkin San Diego? 
I have been researching the San Diego area for RV parks to rent by the month. I did find one, not cheap, but they get very good ratings from people that have stayed there. Next, I will research Oceanside,CA. Got to try to keep my spirits up!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We hit 100 today!

To say the least it's hot. We hit 100 today, it felt like it too!
I have been trying for days to get up early and do some work outside. Today was the day I HAD to do the work regardless of the time. My trash was running over and so was the black tank. I didn't make it outside until about 12:30, already hot. I did get my trash out, and bring in some Dr.Pepper I had left in the truck. I wasn't able to bring it in when I bought groceries a few days ago.
This morning while standing at my kitchen window, getting a cup of coffee, I saw the fire department truck with ambulance close behind come tearing into my area of the park, and going to my neighbor about two doors down. In a few minutes a red truck came in and behind them a park ranger. I think they went to Betty's rig. I have know Betty for years, and when I moved back in here, I was told she had a fall and broke her hip, had been in re-hab and was due back home the same day I moved in. I used to see her and her hubby "walking the circle" early in the am. I have not been to see her, I have trouble walking myself, so thought one day when I was out in the truck I would stop by and say hi. Betty and her husband used to volunteer a lot. He was a minister to some of the parks in south Texas when I first met them years ago. Betty was always "helping" some one,both here and at the park next door. Such a lovely lady. Her hubby, Noel is a diabetic. I hope every thing is OK with them. I am just dying to know.
Anyway I dumped the black tank, while sitting there on my lawn chair under the king pin, I decided to unwind a garden hose I had and see if I could find a sprayer attachment for it. I piddled around outside a good hour before I went inside.
Had lunch and then took a nap. After my nap, it was almost supper time, so I ran my blood work. It was 185, so I thought I will go ahead and take my Insulin shot and get my Metformin. That's when I discovered I had not taken my morning shot, and pills! I guess that means I don't need Insulin, I just need to quit eating, and work outside!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling better

My doctor finally called in some Cipro for my bladder infection and I am beginning to feel much better. Still have no energy, or maybe I am just lazy! Been a slow day for me, which is OK. I usually watch the TV preachers for awhile in the morning, sometimes I catch Face the Nation, fell asleep during the preaching. Didn't cook, just microwaved a sweet potatoe, couldn't eat all of it. 
   I have been reading the blogs, and I noticed several people aren't posting much either. Guess they are traveling which is what I wish I was doing. At least planning a trip in the near future.  My friend Pat, has plans to go to OR, of course she has had the same plans for years, hasn't left yet!I still just hope to get back to AZ someday and perhaps San Diego. The weather is always so nice in San Diego. I lived there when I was young, and I think I could live there again, if I could find a place I could afford! Well, it's something to plan on, look forward to.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just hot, nothing new

We have had one or two good rains here, but all it did was make it swealtering hot. So humid.
I am so tired of trying to deal with doctors. Seems like now when you are old, and need more care, they (doctors) don't care! When we were younger and paid in to these insurance companies, we were never sick. NOW, where are they? I have been suffering with a raging bladder infection for a week. I called my doctor for a refill of Cipro, he prescribes this for me all the time. He is in Cleburne, about 30 miles away and it is hard for me to just drop every thing to go when he is there. He has an office in Burleson also. Then there are the days he is only in the office half days. Hell, who can keep up with his schedule? I am thinking of changing doctors, one here in Whitney. But, I hate to go to a new doctor, fill out all that paper work etc.I have been with Dr. Bates for about ten years, and I would like to stay with him, but, this driving back and forth, and not being able to get my meds. refilled is not good!What did women in the old days do when they had bladder infections? I know there must be some "folk" remedies.
What kind of wax would you use to wax your RV?
Thought I had some, turns out, not.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Yesterday my friend was to leave early in the morning. About six am I heard this pitter patter on my roof, and thought, oh oh, Pat's going to have to hook up in the rain, unless she did it the night before. At the same time I thought about my new "mat" I left laying on my picnic table. Didn't take it out of the plastic, because I plan to return it. Now it's wet! Well all day I thought I will let it dry out and go put it under the rig. Maybe it will be OK to return. Didn't feel too good, so I didn't do that, and yes, it rained again during the night!I give up. Any way I did talk to Pat last night and she had to hook up in the rain, and drove back to her "home base" about 125 miles away, to find out there had been a terrible storm there, and she can't get in the drive way, it gets too muddy. So, she made a detour to the Thousand Trails Park at Lake Bridgeport,TX. I guess she will be there for a week or two. It's a nice park, in fact it is my "home" park. It is NOT as nice at Whitney!
I am having so much pain in my stomach. I don't understand why, unless it is some of my meds. Also yesterday I had terrible leg cramps. Sound like an old woman don't I?
Found a new Blog I am following. He and his wife travel in a Roadtrek, but he has a lot of good ideas, and how to locate Natl. Parks/Forest campgrounds.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers DayHH

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there.
It's really been hot here in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney!
Well, my RV buddie is leaving early in the morning. We have had a nice two weeks. Trips out to eat, and a trip to Ft.Worth to Camping World. Tonight I fixed dinner for us so she would have easier time getting ready to move, and to say our good byes for now. Hope to see her again soon.
I bought a patio mat for my patio, of course I picked up the wrong color. I bought some Gel Gloss RV Wash and Wax, I already had a big jug!
So, at some point I will take another trip to Camping World and exchange the mat for the one I wanted! Get refund on the RV wash, and hope to get the RV WAX I wanted! I'm OLD so,it's OK if I screw  up sometimes

Monday, June 10, 2013


I have been enjoying a nice visit from one of my oldest RV buddies. She and her "little guest" arrived at Whitney,Thousand Trails RV Resort last Tuesday. Pat and I met at a camp out of the Lone Star Single Sams, about 16 years ago. Gee, has it really been that long? She and another friend, Loretta, have been buddies all that time, hard to believe so many years have passed. We wish Loretta was here with us, miss you girl friend.
                             Pat and Me
                          my daughter Cherry